93 lesabre, service engine soon light...


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93 lesabre, service engine soon light...

My lesabre's service engine soon light started coming on today. It doesn't stay on but when it does come on I notice the engine jerking like it's shifting and the tachometer twitches.

I just had the throttle position sensor relaced in feburary. Could it be going out again already?

Seems I had similar problem when I had to replace the TPS.

I noticed on the way to work on monday that the car was idleing strong after traveling about 30 miles and slowing down through a small town. I put it in nuetral and it jerked hard when I did. I shut car off and restarted and it was fine.
Don't know if both problems are related. It didn't do the idle problem again at all. Though initially when the idle problem happened it might be a vaccume leak but it didn't occur again. Then suddenly today the service engine light appears now and then and the tachomoeter flitches and car acts like it's shifting in and out of gear. Do I need an excorcist?

any ideas except taking it to a shop. can't afford it so I need to try to fix myself.

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need to have codes checked first unsure if you can jumper the pins a and b on the aldl connector under the dash on your model or not as there was some 93 and 94 models that you couldnt read codes this way, and you would need to see a shop to have codes scanned.
could be a tps problem or possible crank sensor problem the code will probably lead you to the problem.
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This website is an excellent source for pulling your own trouble codes on older vehicles:


Pull your trouble codes and get back to us...

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