Converting gas engine to vegetable oil


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Converting gas engine to vegetable oil

I was wanting to know if there are any kits to convert a gas engine to Vegetable oil.
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No because you have to filter the vegetable oil and add chemicals to it so it will burn and not gum up.

If your talking diesel you will need still need to treat the vegetable oil.
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Sorry...only works on diesel engines as far as I know. I haven't seen any gasoline engine conversions. Something about the volatility of the vegtable oil fuel not suitable for gasoline engines. If you have a diesel Google "diesel engine to vetable oil conversion" and you'll get more information that you'll ever want to know about the process.
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Yup, vegitable oil just isn't volatile enough. Ethanol is though, and I seem to remember some ways to convert to pure ethanol back in the day.
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You will have better luck converting it to E85, and buy gas produced in the usa or south america.

I would rather get a few miles to the gallon less and spend 20-30cents less a gallon.
So really all that means is that I need to fill up more often, small price to pay for such great satisfaction.

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However, some argue that it takes about as much energy to produce the ethanol as it makes. Do you think that diesel in those tractors is purely american?

Not to mention, what kind of car are you burning it in. Ford or GM I hope.
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Who cares how much energy it takes to produce, its about where its produced and who gets the money.

You can dilute diesel with "cleaned" up vegetable oil.

I never cared much about what the arabs do or how many middle easterns they killed or who they killed 10 years ago, but with current times I rather stick it them every chance possible. I used to say stick it to uncle sam with taxes, that used to be my top priority but times have changed and would for once like to see my fuel purchases go to uncle sam all the way rather than ever feed in back to the arabs.

Also if we cared about cost you wouldn't see $50k cars left and right on the road, like I feel so bad for all the hummer owners,merc,bmw with gas guzzling cars. If you can afford that huge expensive vehicle then the gas should be chump change no matter the price.

When I quit smoking I didn't notice more money in my pocket, when I sold my v8 camaro and got a 4 cyl turbo, I never knew my wallet could actually over flow with money literally.

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Originally Posted by Ronald#1
I was wanting to know if there are any kits to convert a gas engine to Vegetable oil.

The answer is no, you'd have to have a diesel engine to begin with and then convert the vegetable oil to biodiesel, and on top of that you'd have to make some mods to your diesel engine, it's a lot more complicated than it sounds.

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