98 caravan no ac


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Question 98 caravan no ac

I have 98 caravan&the compressor wont run on the AC.I HAD A MECHANIC CHECK IT WHERE I WORK.We checked the fuse ,relay& we have no power going to the pressure control.He seems to think the ac switch is bad on the dashboard, but it is lit.Does this sound logical, before I take it apart? Please elaborate on this !THANK YOU!
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did he hook up the pressure guages to the a/c system and make sure it does have freon in the system?
suggest you find a wiring diagram of the a/c system before going any further alot of chryslers climate control control systems control ground negative 12 volts and not power positive 12 volts so dont really think that no power or 12 volt positive at the pressure switch indicates anything wrong.
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ya checking fuses really isn't a major diagnosis, You can jumper the clutch cycling switch found on the low side while you have the AC on to see if the clutch will engage,

That test will be a good indication of an electrical problem or if you need freon

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