Hood latch on a 2001 Blazer


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Hood latch on a 2001 Blazer

The hood will not release high enough to reach in and raise the hood. Pulling the release inside the vehicle I can hear the latch activate but the hood will not raise up enough so then I push the hood closed again and repeat the process.
Is it the latch itself that needs adjusting/ replacing or the tension cable adjusted. Thanks for your time.....
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spray lube on the components for the latch, try stretching the spring if there is one one yours near the latching mechanism. I don't pay attention to years that springs are under the hoods.

If it has hydraulics does the hood stay up on its own to
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There's are two stops to a hood. When you first pull the hood release, the primary latch disengages and the hood should spring up slightly. After it springs up it is caught by the secondary safety latch/bar. This is a safeguard to keep the hood from flying up and blocking the windshield should the first latch ever acidentally be disengaged while you are driving.

I have an idea that what is happening in your case is that the first latch is not disengaging completely. Try this: have someone pull the hood release while you give the hood a sharp blow right where the latch is. Oftentimes, this is enough to disengage the latch. You might also try pulling up on the hood slightly as someone pulls the release. Once you get the hood open...spray the latch mechanism with some white lithium grease to lubricate it.
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