94 chrysler Interpid A/C


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94 chrysler Interpid A/C

I have an electrical problem with my A/C there is no power going to the compressor and I have checked and replaced all fuses and relays for this and still no power...But when you wire it direct eveything works just fine except you can't turn it off I have traced the wire as far as I could is there something that I am missing . I could sure use some help as it is a little on the warm side here
Thanks for any help that you may offer
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Have you jumpered out the clutch cycling switch on the low side. with the air set to on.

I am assuming you are measuring the voltage on the plug on the compressor. This will only be energized if the other sensors are reading ok, or someone jumpers the clutch cycling switch for a test. Not enough freon will also not cause it not to engage

By wire direct you mean tie the connector on the compressor to the battery to energize the magnet.

The clutch cycling switch will be on the low side, there may also be a temp sensor to on the low side or a pressure cut off switch.
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If your system is full and the a/c clutch is not engaged, I'd look at the a/c pressure transducer sensor.
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Originally Posted by New guy
a/c pressure transducer sensor.

I think you are referring to the clutch cycling switch, Atleast when you go to the parts store thats what you want to say if you need one.

Transducer is just a fancy term for something eletric that interacts with the real world, such as a pressure sensor, microphone, etc.

So you wouldn't use the term transducer and sensor together, it is redundant. like no not that

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