stoplight switch 92 olds achieva


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stoplight switch 92 olds achieva

My stop lights sometimes stay on when I shut car off. I assume the stop light switch is faulty. If I don't catch it and pull the fuse out, my battery is drained. Just where is it located, and any info on changing it. Thank you, Jerber.
92 olds achieva 4 cyl.
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It's located on the brake pedal assembly and might just need to be adjusted. You adjust the switch by pulling the brake pedal back against stop.

If you depress the brake pedal and few times while watching the switch, you'll see how it operates...and how to adjust it. If it needs to be replaced just pull the switch out of the retaining clip on brake pedal support. Install the replacement switch into retainer until switch shoulder is bottomed against bracket.

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