help 1994 cougar XR7

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help 1994 cougar XR7

I have a 1994 Cougar Rx7 4.6 liter V-8 Im dumping raw fuel down the exhaust pipes also after she warms up and in drive the oil pressure drops to nothing but as soon as I excelerate or put her in park it goes back up. No the oil doesnt have gas in it but she does have a random miss fire , also I checked the codes on her OB2 and it saids the right bank and left bank O2 censors are shot but when I erase the codes the check engine light doesnt come on until I tromp on the excelerator. Im wondering if its an IEM prob or a fuel injector prob can any one help?
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I definitely think you have multiple problems...but you have to start somewhere. You KNOW your oxygen sensors are bad. I would start at the KNOWN and work your way to the UNKNOWN. Bad oxygen sensors can cause a random multiple misfire.

As far as the fuel pressure goes...unless you have an oil pressure tester, the easiest way to see if you do in fact have low oil pressure is to replace the oil pressure sending unit. If it still shows low oil pressure after that...then you do indeed have a serious problem. Oh, I would change the oil first and maybe go up one viscosity level just to rule that out as well.

What about regular maintenance stuff? How old are the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, and distributor rotor?

And of course you can always pull the fuel injector rail to look at the injector spray pattern and to see if any of them are leaking. That's quite a pain though so again, you may start with the known simple stuff. Besides, you don't see a bad injector that least not as often as bad wires, plus, cap, rotor, O2 sensors, etc.

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