93 Ply Sundance Transmission Problems?????


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93 Ply Sundance Transmission Problems?????

Howdy, I have a 93 Plymouth Sundance 2.2 , 4cyl, auto trans.
Im disabled with a limited income and dont have the $$ to pay for a mechanic at this time- My problem is that the transmission works great in 1st, enigine idles a little rough in reverse-- and I get no shift to 2nd or 3rd- After the engine Rpms get up to the shifting range, it seems as though it shifts out of 1st , just wont go into 2nd. I let the rpms drop and 1st is back- Any advice on where I should start to diagnose/repair the problem will be GREATLY appreciated-- Many thanks to each and everyone!
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The first thing...and really about the only thing you can do yourself is check the fluid level. If the fluid level is okay, look at the condition of the fluid. Is it a healthy reddish pink color? Unfortunately, there are few transmission problems that are DIY projects.
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Are you sure it is actually in 1st. It sounds like to me that it is in limp mode. This is a diagnostic mode that your transmission will go into when there is a problem detected. It will put the trans into 2nd gear and not up or downshift. This mode will be exited each time the key is cycled. So everytime you go out and start it, you may get a 1-2 upshift, but no more and it will not downshift either. Is your check engine light on? This model will require a shop to diagnose as not too many parts stores or otherwise is going to have the ability to connect to the computer to see what the problem is. Is this a 3 speed trans or 4 speed (Overdrive)?
Hope this helps ya,
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I think Hay has 3 speed auto trans, 93 Sundance with 2.2l does not have 4 speed.

As other have said, check your fluid level and condition of the fluid first, there are couple things that you can look, 1)the throttle linkage and, 2) the valve governor.

I don't know how handy you are as other have said, some of the trans works are not DIY.
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Thanks Guys for the info- At least I have a starting place to attempt a minor diagnosis. It is a 3 speed and I was assuming it is in 1st gear since it only had one forward gear and reverse and you cant pick up much speed before you reach a "float" sensation. It also has the same gear in when taking off in either 1st, 2nd, or Drive. I got a book today , so im gonna see if i can decipher enough info to check the shift linkage etc. thanks again for any and all advice

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