Air condition-2000 Accord


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Air condition-2000 Accord

How would I go about adding a little ref to my 2000 accord.The air isn't as cold as it was once.I might have a small leak but if I can add less than a can of ref I'll go that way for now.
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well, if you have a leak, you should really inject some dye to locate it, then fix it.

You can always use those kits that you can get at any autoparts store or any big store that has an auto section. You can get a filler/tapper with a gauge for about ten bucks, and freon for about ten bucks a can (12 oz) where I live.

However, if you ever add freon, or do ac work, it is advisable to use a manifold guage set so you can moniter both the high and low side pressures. The cheap fill-it-yourself ones only show the low side pressure. It is better to be safe than sorry.
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By the way, the "sorry" part that he's talking about is overcharging your AC which can cause premature compressor failure (read: big repair bill). If you choose this route though...make sure you follow the instructions that come with the recharge kit.

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