Plymouth Voyager Coolong System


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Plymouth Voyager Coolong System

1992 Plymouth Voyager V6 3.0

After an accidental battery drain (rear door left slightly open), I noticed the engine cooling fan did not come on. Discovered this forum and have been troubleshooting the problem.

First I replaced the relay. No radiator fan (a/c fan working).

Then I unplugged the coolant temp sensor and the radiator fan ran at engin start up.

I put in a new temp sensor and the radiator fan did not come on as the enngine heated up nor did the a/c fan run.

Then I unplugged the new sensor and both fans ran.

Can I drive the car without the sensor plugged in?

Any suggestion for the next step? Thanks
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Let me make sure you understand how that fan will not always be on:

1. The fan will come on and stay on any time the AC clutch is engaged (AC or defrost on).
2. The fan will not run during cranking...only after the engine has started.
3. At idle, with the AC off, the fan will only come on when the temperature reaches 200 degrees F (about 5/8th the way up the temperature gauge).

I point this out because sometimes people incorrectly believe their fan does not work. A thermostat generally starts to open up when your coolant reaches about 195 degrees F. In some cases you may be able to sit at idle and NEVER have the fan come on because as soon as the thermostat opens up, coolant begins to circulate through the radiator and it gets cool again.

If you really want to test and see if the radiator fan is functioning properly...race the engine at around 2,500 - 3,000 rpm while stationary. If the temperature gauge goes WELL above the 5/8 mark and the fan does not come on, then you have a problem.

You might also consider changing the coolant temperature typically, when then fail they cause the vehicle's computer to think that the coolant temperature is LOWER than it actually is.

You definitely DO NOT want to drive around with your coolant temperature sensor unplugged as the computer needs that information to determine the correct air/fuel ration mix. An unplugged sensor will most likely result in your vehicle running extremely rich...and cause subsequent damage to your engine/exhaust/oxygen sensors.
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Plymouth Voyager Cooling System

Hey, thanks for the reply.

We've already replaced both the relay and the coolant temperature sensor.

When we rev the engine up in park to over the 5/8 mark on the guage steam comes from the engine and the radiator cooling fan still does not come on.

Next step?

Thanks so much
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I wonder if he is talking about the temp sensor or fan switch on the radiator. Where is the location of this temp sensor you speak of.
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Plymouth Voyager Cooling System

The sensor we replaced is on top of the thermostat housing. The one with 2 wires, not the single wire on the other side of the housing (which is the temperature gauge sending unit). Where is the fan switch on the radiator?


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