94 Chevy Astro Fuel Tank Flush


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Post 94 Chevy Astro Fuel Tank Flush

Hello looking to see what the best method of flushing the fuel
tank, any suggestions would be great to have the advice.
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drop it down undo the where the fuel pump screws on stick your arm in and wipe it out.

Are you just trying to change the fuel out, or clean the inside of the tank out. Not sure why you would want to clean the inside of the tank out some one dump sugar or sand in it and clogged it all up.
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When I changed the screen out while switching to a new fuel
filter I noticed that the old filter was a dark brown color and asumed that the tank might need to be cleaned and flushed.

I am not sure if this is normaly evident for the screen to be a
dark brown color or not so that is why I ask.

If you could let me know if there is anything that may be
additional to look at while I have this all down and out, I will
be interested in looking at doing.
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Don't take the tank off if it is not necessary just change the fuel filter and rechange the fuel filter, you are just going to introduce unexpected problems by removing and replacing the tank, first of which is messing up the fuel pump. However, if you are going to remove the tank you might as well replace the fuel pump while you have it off rather than wait until it goes bad and you have a full tank of fuel. Have a nice day. Geo
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Well I gues I have created a little confusion for some of you
who dont understand the chevy astro van and its fuel system.
So to clearify, I was in the process of changing the fuel pump
of which the screen (attached filter at the bottom of the fuel
pump) when I notice how dark the screen was and decided to
see if I might ask how to flush a fuel tank. I was thinking that
over the course of 12 years maybe this would be task worth
scheduling, you know an once of prevention is worth miles of
frustration. So there you have it, and again I appologize for the
miscommunication, I see how it would be misconstrude.

Thanks to all for your replies and suggestions.
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I think you may be going above and beyond the call of duty. The screen (or sock) that's attached to the fuel pump will normally look like that after years of service. Just replace that screen when you replace the pump and you'll be fine.

Cleaning the tank presents a whole bunch of issues...mostly it's a big pain. What do you do with the gas? How do you properly dispose of the cleaning solution once you are done? What kind of cleaning solution do you use? How do you get it all back out of the tank? Blah, blah, blah.

If it concerns you that much you might find it easier to just buy a new tank. They aren't that expensive for most makes and models.
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they are usually brown and discolered when removed this isnt an indication of needing to clean out the tank if you had alot of dirt or rust setting in the bottom of the tank then it would probably be a good idea to clean it out by draining the fuel and hot washing the inside of the tank and letting it air dry before reinstalling some radiater shops do clean and repair gas tanks if you call around.
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Sorry, as with most things, reality was not as preceived, good luck with the tank. Geo

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