Squeaky noise on Brake at the end of the day


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Squeaky noise on Brake at the end of the day

Hi All:
My '98 Camry started to squeaky noise on one of the brakes in the front. This noise, however only happening at the end of the day when coming back from work. It never occurs both at the beginning and middle of the day.

Every day, I drive almost 90 miles back and forth to work, then I started to suspect not only Brake-Pads also Rotor got bad.

My questions is;
If this/Rotor and brake pads problem, when should I bring to the shop nearby home? To be honest, my Repair- budget is tight, becasue I spent almost $260.00 for 'Door-handle' on the driver's side a weeks ago. I would expect around $500.00 for this type of work at the brake-shop.

Your opinion and knowledge on this regard would be truly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Many brake noises are varied depending on the ambient temperaturea and humidity. These two things change during a normal day so it is not totally unusual to have noises at different times of the day.

Some shops (chain franchises) do not charge for an inspection or at least have a very minimal charge. Get them checked now to assure yourself of the condition of things. Theonly way to be sure of the condition of things is to have an actual inspection of the brakes. Anything else is merely a guess.
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You should take your car to have the brakes inspected as soon as possible. The one true rule of automotive repair is: The longer you wait - the more expensive the repair bill.

I can't give you an exact quote since I don't know the engine size and it makes a difference on the brakes, but...

Pads - $45 to $90 depending on the quality of the CERAMIC pad you choose. You should choose CERAMIC as that is what came on it from the factory. Replacement with a type of pad other than ceramic will cause ALOT of problems and the pads won't last as long.

Rotors - (If you need them and you may not at this point. Waiting until you end up metal on metal will damage the rotors and you definitely will have to buy a pair then.) $40 each.

Labor - Approximately 1 hour at most shops to replace front brakes and rotors.

Worst case scenario, if you need both front rotors and new pads is around $200-250 depending on the shop labor rate per hour. You may just need a new set of pads at this point.

Or, it could just be normal brake noise as stated above and your pads are nice and thick! We'll keep our fingers crossed for you...

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