1997 Camry EGR valve


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1997 Camry EGR valve

Does anyone know how to remove the EGR valve on a 1997 Toyota Camry? I removed the 2 bolts, but it wouldn't come off. I tried the AutoZone page, but it says the repair guide for this car has not been added to the page yet. Thanks
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You have to remove the pipe coming from the exhaust that connects to the bottom of the EGR valve. It's has a fairly large nut on it...I think like a 24mm or something. It's also a pain to get a wrench that big back up in there. I suggest you spray the nut with some type of penetrating lubricant and letting it sit a while before attempting to remove the nut. The heat and rust tends to lock that nut down on the EGR valve pretty good. Oh, and you will probably want to put those two bolts back in BEFORE removing the bottom nut. You could bend or break the pipe if the EGR valve is not locked down.

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