Gas in oil


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Gas in oil

i have a 91 mercury topaz that has gas in the oil,,,what could cause that?
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Gas is apparently getting by the rings. That could likely be from ring wear, but injector leakage could also be contributing by dumping too much gas into the cylinder.

Check your tailpipe, is the inside black & sooty? That would be a sign it's running too rich from too much gas getting into the cyl.

Another possibility, although maybe less so, would be a faulty fuel pressure regulator allowing too high of a system pressure, thereby injecting too much gas. That would also show as running too rich.
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Another possibility is that you are taking extremely short trips...which may not be allowing the engine to heat up sufficiently to burn off the gasoline out of the oil...some of which naturally makes it there anyway.

Or, you could be pressing the gas pedal when you are attempting to start the car...thus causing an excessive amount of gas to enter the combustion chamber.

Either way, change your oil immediately as all that gas will dilute the oil which is not good for your engine. Make sure you take at least a 10-15 minute trip a day and don't press the gas at all when you start your vehicle.

Oh, I'm assuming that everything else is well maintained on your have had it serviced regularly, good spark plugs, wires, etc., no check engine light on, oil changed at manufacturer specified intervals...

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