Help! I Have No A/c


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Exclamation Help! I Have No A/c

I have a 95 chevy blazer and my A/C just quit working. One day it worked fine the next day it didn't work at all. I checked my fuses, it doesn't have a leak cause I was able to get air out of where the coolant goes. Can some one please tell me what else I can do to see what the prob is? Do you think it's prob the compressor? Would it just quit like that after working perfectly fine? It is like 100 degrees here on a regular basis and I am spoiled, I can't live w/o air but don't have the money to fix it. Can anyone tell me how to bypass whatever it is I have to bypass so I can get it temporarily working? I was also wondering if the fact that my cold kranking amps are really low and I need a new battery could affect my A/C? THANKS!!!

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Exclamation NO A/C in 95 Chevy Blazer

Can someone tell me what can cause my A/C to just stop? I've had no probs. It worked great one day and not at all the next. Is this probably the compressor or could it be something else? Could it be caused by the fact that my cold cranking amps are low and I need a new battery? Is there something else I can check myself or should I just take it in? My problem is no money for this right now and it's 100 degrees nearly every day.
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Is there a way I can check the coolant for my A/C myself? I have never seen a leak. It worked perfect one day and not at all the next. I pushed on the valve where the coolant is and did get air coming out. Any suggestions?????? I know I can re-charge it myself but want to make sure thats what the problem is first.
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You will need to jumper the low pressure switch (located in the receiver/drier). If you connect a jumper wire across the two pins in the harness connector and the compressor comes on, then you probably have lost your refrigerant somewhere.

If nothing happens, then you have larger problems. Perform the above test and get back to us with the results.

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