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Question Paint Removal

After bringing my car to my mechanic to investigate water that was getting into the driver's side floor, it was suggested that a seal in the windshield was compromised. He was unable to fix it, but said that we should cover it if it rained until we had the seal looked at.

Now on to my questions - I grabbed a sheet or plastic drop cloth to cover the corner of the glass when it started to rain. The problem is that there was paint on the plastic, which is now on the windshield and side of the car. It is difficult to scrape the paint away with a nail on the windshield and I'm afraid this will damage the pain on the car. Are there products that can be used to strip away this paint that will not damage the car paint? Any suggestions?
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The paint on the windshield you can remove easily with a razor blade. The paint on the body can be removed with a lot of elbow grease and a good cleaner wax that you can find at an auto parts store. I don't recommend anything harsher (compound) because it is easy to damage your car's finish if you don't know what you are doing.
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Latex paint is easier to remove than oil base. The longer it sets the harder it may be to remove off of the car finish.
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If this is a beater mobile and not worth putting money into, buy tube of silicone caulk at the hardware store and have at it around the edges whereit is leaking
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The car is only a few years old and just passed the warranty, so I'm going to look into having the windshield resealed - just want to make sure I have the source before going ahead with it.

It sounds like a little time with a cleaner wax should do the trick otherwise. When you say "good" cleaner wax are there any brands you have in mind?
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I, too have a question about paint removal. I have a riding lawn mower that the plastic headlight lenses were spray painted over. The plastic is not flat, it is sort of rigid so I can't use a razor. I tried using an angle grinder wire brush which worked, but it easily badly scratched the plastic. Any ideas?
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You will probably need to replace the lenses. I don't know of anything that will remove the paint without affecting the lense.

You might try scrubbing it with baking soda - it often works as an almost non abrasive cleaner.
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I'd maybe try Bon Ami - I use it to get bugs off my windshield. Glass is a lot harder to scratch than plastic, but this product claims not to scratch.

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