Chevy Silverado engine dying problem


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Exclamation Chevy Silverado engine dying problem

I have a 2000 chevy silverado 5.3 liter v8 extended cab pickup. It has a problem with the fuel gauge being sporatic and never showing the correct fuel amount. This has been going on for about 6 months. It goes up and down constantly on its own. Also, the truck is starting to die alot like at stop lights, ideling, and in reverse. This has only been happening within the month or so. Today it died while driving around 35-40 mph. first time it's done that. It's not starting as easily as it used to. I used to be able to just turn the key and it would start really quickly now it takes several tries to get it to start. I have had the fuel filter replaced and it didn't help. Just seems to be getting worse. Does anyone have any ideas as to what's wrong with it? Has anyone had similar problems and was able to correct it? Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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The fuel level sensor is on the fuel pump - in the tank. Check the cable connections to the tank & be sure ground is good. You might just have some poor contact to the pump but don't bet on it.

Check for the correct fuel pressure. Did the "check engine" light come on? If so, what codes did you get?
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Thank you for the advice, I'll look in to the wires first before replacing the fuel pump. As for the check engine light, no I haven't seen it and don't get any codes from the message center.
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I may be mistaken correct me someone if I am remembering the wrong vehicle I believe its in a tsb. The fuel level sensor corrodes in the tank causing the sparratic readings. As for properly diagnosising a fuel pump going bad you need to look at the current waves on an oscilloscope. OR guess and replace the pump to see if that works, cheaper to.
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I'd head on down to a DIY auto parts place that pulls codes for free
(Autozone or sim.)
Post up the codes here to have them interpreted
(An "O2 sensor lean" code does not mean replace the O2 sensor)

If your pump and fuel gauge sending unit are one unit, it sounds like it's going
I would not throw any parts at it w/o confirming they are at fault

I'd attach a fuel pressure gauge to test the actual fuel pressure at start-up, idle, and if possible under load (driving)
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Smile egr valve

If it was the egr valve you would be using a lot of gas to check this see if the diaphram under the egr valve will pushup then move back down If it does then it is still ok.
If it was the oxygen sensor the computor could be mixing a lean or rich mixture.
If it was the mass airfow sensor it would start then die.
Many chevy's had a bad connection on the wires coming out of the computer to the gas tank.
As always check for broken vac lines going to the sensor by spraying with wd-40 while the engine is running. If you find one the engine will tune up and that is the one to replace.
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