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Question grease gun question

I know this will be an extremely lame question - hopefully with an extremely easy answer!

I just acquired a small black grease gun, and the remaining 2 3-oz cartridges of grease that were with it. This was good because my decorative windmill has a grease zerk, so now I can grease it properly.... without calling my dad.

However I have no idea how it works! I thought it would be similar to a caulk gun, but obviously I'm not "getting it". I tried to use it but no grease came out. So I proceeded to check out the hose and the connectors and then spun the top off of the gun. There is a spring loaded bar that I can pull part way out of the bottom of the cartridge area. Otherwise there was just grease inside there, but not a lot... (just enough for me to make an enormous mess). So, figuring it needed a new cartridge I get out one of those - a cover on one end and foil on the other. I have no idea how it goes into the gun. It doesn't fit in there, they seem the same size, and as far as I couldn't find an old cartridge in there.

Could someone please clue me in... I feel like an idiot...
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It sounds like the old cartridge is still in there. It has been a long time since I've owned/used a mini grease gun. Do both ends of the cartridge holder unscrew? You may be trying to remove the caretridge from the wrong end.
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take both ends of the cartridge, one end will be bigger, that way faces down away fromt the gun. put the cartridge in and push the button for the handle that pulls out to return in, crack the bleeder loose pump it a few times till grease comes out of the bleeder then close it, and use like a normal grease gun.
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Thank you Only the top of the cartridge holder unscrews. I hadn't pulled the spring-loaded rod out of it far enough - and hooked it open. Dad stopped over and with a little fiddling we found the old cartridge was still stuck in there. Not exactly a dainty process - hehe - but got it out. Then cap off, new cartridge in, cut foil, screw the top back on and let the plunger back in. It took quite a few pumps to fill the windmill, but she runs quiet now. I also found some zerks on my lawn tractor, so look out

thanks again~
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Warning to all Zerks the grease gun lady will find you. So no point in hiding. you can run but you can't hide from the grease gun lady.

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