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Hot info form ICOR

Go to our web site. Go to ‘literature’ and find the document ‘Mobile Instruction’ 4th one down in right column

These instructions follow EPA regulations for converting an R-12 vehicle to Hot Shot (R-414B)

As far as the web info you got from Autofrost…this has been on the web since 1997. Once its out there

it never goes away. There were accurate in describing the effects of a chlorinated refrigerant like Hot Shot or

Autofrost, or R-12 with SINGLE END CAP PAG. All PAG oils used by the mobile industry is DOUBLE END CAP
and is resistant to chlorine. That’s why they make it. The oil will darken but does not lose its lubricity or viscosity, and has no
chemical degredation. Testing was performed by Spauschous and Associates, Atlanta GA to ASHRAE 97 and ARI 41.4
Remember Autofrost was a competitor. Note ‘was’ I think they’re out of business.

It is neccesary to change the hoses and ‘O’ rings as described in the instructions
The o-rings should be the ‘blue’ (neoprene) or green (HNBR) color and the hose needs to be ‘barrier’ type.
This is EPA regulation. Barrier is R-134a hose that used on cars now. It has a nylon lining that prevents
the molecule from permeating through the rubber. R-134a will do the same unless the hose are changed.
If your system has been open to atmosphere, change the oil. PAG and POE which are used with R-134a is hygroscopic
and absorb moisture 10 X that of mineral oil. They will not release the moisture under vacuum either.

If you change, go ahead and use mineral oil, you’ll get a better vacuum. Always change your drier whenever
a system is opened also.

Finally, Hot Shot outperforms R-134a. The critical temperature of R-134a is 214*, Hot Shot is 236*, R-12 was 226*

R-134a boiling point is -14*, Hot Shot is -29* and R-12 is -21*

straight from tech support email response
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With response to this website

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