Engine Diagnostic - "Check Engine Light" - Omissions Test


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Engine Diagnostic - "Check Engine Light" - Omissions Test

Hello, my "Check Engine Light" appeared less than a week ago on my old 1995 Suzuki Sidekick. I'm confident now (based on trust of this mechanic I like alot) and my driving the car that it's now free of any problems. But the light's still there.

According to this Mech. he says that the light will eventually disappear most likely and is most likely stuck there right now due to so many people disconnecting the battery over the course of a week (And Yes! Everyone it seems has had they're hand at that darn battery.)

He couldn't give me any details as to the Engine Diagnostic Code since he says it doesn't come up for him and that he's awaiting information regarding my Suzuki.

He also advised me that when my next Omissions Test comes (in about 10 months) that my car won't be on the new machine but an older one (whatever that means.).

Sooooo, any advice? I'd appreciate it. The car is all fine and smoother than ever. I'm just concerned about that light should I ever wish to sell the car which is unlikely....and also once it's time for it to go through the emissions test again as well.

Note: This mech is also the one who's done my emissions test in the past.

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I did a quick search, and here is what one person suggested. I don't know if it's correct or not, but may be worth a look.

"Hey, I found out how! Remove the front speaker cover and speaker on the driver side. Inside, you will find a small switch. Flip it with the engine running. The light goes off! Simple! You may need to switch it back to get it to come on with the ignition and go off like normal, but just play with it a few times to set it correctly. Good luck! "
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Well, that's one step in the right direction. Thanks GoldStar, this way I've new ideas on how to do my searches.

I was wondering how common is this. You know, folks having trouble with stuck warning lights?
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Not sure if your vehicle is OBD-I or II, but the OBD-I stuff is reset by doing the battery procedure. Most OBD-II stuff requires a scanner to reset the light. Hadn't heard about a reset switch on the Sidekick.
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the check engine light can come on as an emmisions warning light so it serves 2 purposes one as an emmisions warning light that comes on based on mileage the other is when the computer actually detects a problem.
there is a switch like goldstar says to reset it if it remains on after being reset it probably has another problem and code stored in the computer.
usually can access the switch by removing the panel directly below the steering column.
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Dang if you're not right bejay!

My sidekick just turned 80,000. Based on your suggestion, I did a search and found this:


So I just checked and there is panel there. But loaded with wiring and all. Methinks I'll wait 'till morn to poke around more and check out the steering column support.

Thanks bejay!!!

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