Motor mounts??? need some help


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Motor mounts??? need some help

Car: 1993 grand am se 2.3L SOHC fwd auto, 27k original miles

The engine on my car seems to be moving too much. It has about 5 inches of travel (2.5 either way)

There is an engine mount, a transmission mount, and a torque strut.

It has engine engine mount on the passenger side at the top of the engine, That consists of plate bolted to the engine (vertically), with a 90 bend at the top (horizontal) . This little horizontal plate has 2 bolts to a chunck of rubber it sits on.

There is transmission mount on the drivers side at the bottom of the wheel well. It is sort of a triangle of rubber, connected to the trans through a hole in the middle. The triangle sits on another piece of rubber, which allows it to rock back and forth some as the engine twists.

There is a torque strut, which is at the bottom of the engine by the passenger wheel well. which I just replaced, hoping it would fix it.

I pulled off the engine mount and it seems to be fine There are no rips or tears or dry rot or anything. I didnt take off the trans mount, but jacked up the engine/trans and inspected it and it seems to be fine too.

So im not sure what to do. I dont want to spend any money that I dont have to, but I commute to school and need a working vehicle.

Thanks in advance.

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you need to get some one to hold the brake while in drive and pump the gas back and forth so the engine will rock. A lot of cracks in mounts don't show just by looking at them. Motors move a lot in the engine compartment from the factor. Every car I buy the first thing I do is get polyurethane engine and tranny mounts from energy suspension for prothane. Makes the vehicle feel way more solid when you hit the gas
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How are you checking the 2.5". I wouldn't conside that alot for the procedures above with stock mounts. The movement on stock mounts is for comfort. People desire comfort or performance. Poly-urethane will cause you to feel a little bit more vibration from the motor. Its nothing huge as some people exaggerate it be. If your expecting the smoothness of a cadillac stick with stock mounts. if you want to the motor to stay solid and feel more confident when you hit the gas go polyurethane.

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