ZR2 loss of power


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ZR2 loss of power

My daughter has had a ZR2 Blazer (4.3-liter V6) since it was new. It now has approx 90K miles on it. It has given her great service, but itís had a quirky problem that the dealer has never duplicated or volunteered any explanation.
When the truck heat increases approx 20% higher than normal (Normally, needle is at 30-40% on gage -- High at 50%) the truck starts to loose power and to quote my daughter ďIt sound like a diesel". Iíve heard it. It does sound like a muted one. She has lived with it because it normally clears up once the temp drops. Recently since we are in a heat wave the problem is more prevalent and has cause the truck to slowly die and coast to side of the road. It did restart with no problem. She only deals with the same two gas stations and gets the truck serviced for normal maintenance. Do you have any ideas as to the loss of power??? -- Dad
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My question is did the needle always raise as high as you are stating before the it started having this problem. Also is this the red/orange coolant. If it is chances are with this many miles your radiator is pretty close to being blocked up.

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