Replace schrader valve in a/c?


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Replace schrader valve in a/c?

Long story short, I have to fix a leaking schrader valve in a '97 Accord in Atlanta. The system still has a full charge. So far, I have a quote of $150 ($10 for the valve, $140 for the evacuation and charge).

I have signoff from the owner for a ghetto fix, though. Right now I have my low-side gauge hooked onto the line and zip tied to the upper radiator support! If I can find a quick connect coupler that is sealed but has no gauge, he'll be OK with it.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for finding such a thing? I want to get this fixed as cheaply as possible but have no idea where to look. Technically, I could piss all the r134a into the air, replace the valve, and shoot two cans back in w/o pulling a vacuum-- but that's even too ghetto for me! -scott
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Thats a pretty creative idea you got there. But you can pick up vacuum pumps for $130 and a evacuator/recycler for $600 and an epa license for $30 . You can even just pay to have a vacuum pulled.

As for the device your looking for you can pick up a $39 manifold and leave it connected. You could even mount it on the dash look like all the kids with $300 in gauges on there dash but no performance parts in the cars. This way you can be like check this out yo this mad whack gauge keeps tabs on my A/C pressure. Bet you aren't keeping tabs on that one.

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I like it snuckers, Then you can put a big fart can on the exhaust and have a sweet street racer lol

However, if the low side connecter is going to need replaced, and the system is full, you could just use some metal epoxy to seal it up, then just replace it when you have another ac problem that you will have to evacuate the system.
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the epoxy will never setup with a system that is under pressure.

not sure what you mean by support your country buy american cars. japs cars are assemebled in the USA. Most american stuff is assembled in mexico.

You are only supporting americans engineers and not assembly line workers when buying an american car. You support more american assembly line workers when buying jap.

If you want to support your country get a car that uses e85 so almost none of the money from the sale goes to the middle east. I rather have to buy more gas knowing the money stays in the country rather than paying for gas where most money goes to middle east.
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mullinator: If you work on auto a/c's a lot I've got a kit from Snap-On Tools that was like $200 bucks and it comes with everything you need to change schraders even on live systems. I'm sure you could find just the one tool somewhere, because I've also got on by Imperial for hvac that can change them live.
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you need to get some more estimates that is way to much to reclaim the system and screw in a schrader valve and pull vacum and refill most shops can put your freon right back in after reclaiming it and weighing it out sounds like a 50 dollar job and about a half hour of work.
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cap it

get a good quality metal cap with a seal and cap it cheap and easy but a bit getto.
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Originally Posted by michael van
get a good quality metal cap with a seal and cap it cheap and easy but a bit getto.
Actually, the cap is supposed to finally hold the charge, not the Schrader valve. I’ve seen a ton of cars where someone either didn’t replace the caps or lost the o-ring inside the cap and couldn’t figure out why they had to top off their A/C every few months. Because cars hit bumps, vibrate and are subject to extreme underhood temperature changes, the Schrader valves can’t be expected to hold the charge. They don’t just put caps on A/C systems to make them look pretty! They are there to hold the charge from leaking out through the Schrader valve if it fails……..

If the Schrader valve is the source of a major leak, it needs to be replaced but if it’s a small leak, a good cap (with the o-ring in place) and then use Nylog on the threads work fine.
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thats the point

Thats the point it is only temp and it is cheap and will keep the freon in and the dirt out.
I by no means condone the cap as a good repair just a temp fix.
A good quality metal cap with flats for a wrench with a O ring will keep the freon in on a small leak like he has.
I do not know if he has such a cap or maybe the seal is missing but it could be a cheap temp fix so he does not have to keep adding freon.
The cap also keeps crud out but if you want one for looks I guess you could get a chrome one.

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