replacing oil on 93 corolla


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replacing oil on 93 corolla

after my 93 corolla was damaged at a local jiffy lube while getting an oil change i decided to do it by myself and 3000 miles later here i am planning on changing the oil and the oil filter does it matter what brand oil i buy? any suggestions for that? what is a good price for a bottle of oil and an oil filter? is it safe changing the oil with the use of 2 jacks to raise the car slightly? any other suggestions for a diy newbie? thank you very much in advance
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you need to either buy some jack stands which will support the car after jacking it up or purchase some drive on ramps just using a jack is not safe.
about any brand of oil and filter will work fine.
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dont climb under it

Do not climb under car with it on just jacks you are asking for trouble. any good quality oil like Castrol as long as it is the right weight should be good,also a good filter brand.
Stay away from the cheap oil you find in convenience stores.
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if you dont have a safe way of getting under car dont even bother, take it to another shop they're cheap ( about $ 25 ) and will check all your fluids and even tire pressure.
They also lube all your zerk fittings.
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I have a 1993 Tercel (185,000 miles) and a 1991 Corolla
(205,500 miles)

I change the oil myself each 5000 miles, and it's easy!

I don't use jacks, jackstands, ramps, or lifts.

I use Fram oil filters which have a hand non-slip grip top, and Castrol or Valvoline oil.

I drain the oil into a closable oil pan. The drain plug is easily removed in each of my cars with a 14mm wrench.

The filter and drain plug can be removed on each of my cars when I lie flat near the right front tire and reach into the underside of the engine. The non-slip Fram filter unscrews fairly easily without tools. I swear by Fram for ease of removal without tools. Just grip the filter with a clean, dry hand, and twist. Install the fresh filter (oil the gasket with some old oil) and hand tighten it on. That'll make it easy to remove when you need to change it.

It takes me 25 mins to set up, change, and clean up each oil change without spilling any, and I work slow. Usually no spilling any!

You can do it.
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Originally Posted by michael van
Stay away from the cheap oil you find in convenience stores.
lol if you buy the carquest brand oil (supposedly cheap stuff) it is valvoline oil with out the label. it says on the back of the bottle packaged by ashland oil. Same thing as on the valvoline bottle. I worked at a shop that had lab testing unwilling done on the carquest oil and it passed as vavoline. long story short

As for castrol I have had repeated bad luck with it sludging even when you change oil every 3k miles. so i recommend pennzoil or valvoline or mobil. Castrol made a statement for its name way back in the day with ferrari with upping the standards in oil and I mean way back.

I am curious what did the lube shop mess up, your oil pan.
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here is what happened, I left my car at a local jiffy lube for an oil change and replacement of a light bulb. as i was waiting in the lobby for the job to be done the manager comes in and asks me to follow him. he lead me into the garage and lead me to my car which was raise on a platform and he explained to me that while the car was being raised someone forgot to close the door so it got smashed under another platform. They changed the door for free but it took longer than a week and i had to make many many phone calls to find out where the car was since i was not told what body shop it was taken to. they still made me pay for the oil and the light bulb replacement. i stay away from that center from now on.
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Unfortunately the quick lube places can sometimes get in a hurry; they deal in high volume to cover the lower prices. Loose oil filters and drain plugs are not uncommon, also. I would certainly have expected a rental car for the time the car was in the body shop, not to mention a good PR move would have been to not charge for the oil change.

P.S. Please, people, lets kill this thread before we get started on oil and filter brands and their qualities. Think the last time we did that it went about 4 pages.
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The last two used cars I bought had the oil drain plug and filter way overtightened. One plug was almost completely stripped and had to be replaced. They were undoubtedly serviced at a quickie-lube place. Congratulations for joining the DIYers.

I mad a pair of mini-ramps to slightly elevate cars by screwing together sections of 2 x 12 lumber for me to drive on. It's safe and easy to use. Overdriving is not a danger and I feel safe working under them.

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