2002 Pontiac GrandAm GT - Transmission ?


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2002 Pontiac GrandAm GT - Transmission ?

Hey everyone,

I'm desperately needing some opinions here.

A short time ago, I took my car (2002 grandam gt) in for normal oil change. They indicated it was time for transmission fluid change etc. and I said sure, go ahead and replace.

About 2 days after that service was done, the car started running horribly. It has extremely slow acceleration, shifting is erratic and it almost feels like the whole car is just "off" ... it has trouble up and down shifting etc. (automatic transmission).

I took it back in and they say that the fluid level is fine and they are certain they put the right kind of fluid into the vehicle.

The car has roughly 64K miles on it. I have it serviced regularly. I'm not sure what is going on with it. Are there possible avenues that you could suggest I go? The car is quickly becoming undriveable and unfortunately, I don't have a choice but to drive it to work each day etc.
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I am assuming this is the one with no dipstick for the tranny. there is a plug on the side of the transmission by the engine for checking the level by taking the plug out and sticking your finger in it or it should drip out. The vehicle has to be level when checking the level to.

If it is fine looks like your heading to a tranny shop.

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