1991 Mazda 626 2.2L clutch problems?


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1991 Mazda 626 2.2L clutch problems?

I've had squealing noise that comes and goes. It was worse today. And when going up hills today I had no power. (I think the clutch was slipping) The engine still reved high but the car jsut wouldn't go, when not on a hil it seemed to be fine althoguh I couldn't accelerate really fast. If I floored the pedal it would slowly speed up.

I think this is the sign of a bad clutch. IF so how much effort would be involved in changing it. I'm fairly handy. I change my own brakes. I've put in water pumps (not on this car) but I've never messed with a clutch. Any help advice would be appreciated. Is this car worth fixing? IT has 167,000 miles on it.

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If you you feel handy you can do this job with a floor jack and some jack stands. You may want to get the chiltons manual for your vehicle so you can see with pics the steps involved.

If it calls for an engine brace to hold the motor up when you take the tranny out get a block of wood and support the motor by the oil pan with the wood under it. You will need another jack for that.

sounds like your clutch is going or it is glazed bad. Also you will need to have the fly wheel cut at a shop or ask a shop where you can get it cut if they can't do it. usually flywheels in my area cost $50-75 to cut.

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