'03 Mustang Issues


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'03 Mustang Issues

Hi I'm having 2 issues with my 2003 Mustang that I'm hoping to get some information on.

First, when I am braking (and sometimes when I'm just slowing down) my clutch pedal begins to vibrate around 15-20 mph. It does it on a fairly regular basis.

Second, the car tends to be very difficult to start (and keep running) when the temperature gets below about 20 degrees F. This hasn't always been the case, and just started happening this past winter. At the same time, another issue popped up. On cold days after it has been running for awhile, the RPM's won't go below around 1500, even when idling. Also, when you're driving on the highway and pull off onto a ramp (taking the car out of gear) the engine continues to race as though you're still traveling 65 mph. This has also started happening now in the summer.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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is this disc or drum in the back.

As for your other problem cars needs to be put on scanner to see what is causing the problem.
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Is you CLUTCH pedal vibrating or you BRAKE pedal. You said "clutch" but I'm thinking you meant "brake". Can you clarify?

As far as the other problem goes...is the check engine light on or has it come on and then gone off?
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It is definitely the clutch pedal and not the brake pedal.

The service engine light did come on during the winter months, but has not come on during the warmer months.

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Brake while it is in gear. from those speeds and then tell us if the pedal is vibrating. Check the bushing that hold the differential in place, and transmission bushings. Good thing you don't know if you have disc or drum in the back.
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If it gets to the point to where you can't fix it take it to a mechanic. The only thing I can tell you is it could be the brakes. It is kind of old anyway.

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i have a feeling maybe your brakes ot wet from teh winter or rusty and the vibrating is the pads slipping when trying to grab rotor or drum i suggest first having rotor resurfaced and or pads repalced and look for wheel guards that go inside wheel between rim and disk rotor to protect the brake from the elements see if that fixes it, if not it could be wheel bearings or a bent axle.

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