fuel senser don't work


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fuel senser don't work

My friend as a 1980 chvet(spelling). The fuel senser don't work. The only service manual he can find is for a 1985.It says to drop the fuel tank.How hard of a job is that. Hes not in the best phisical condition to do that so is there another way to access it.Its a chvet(spelling) not a corvette.
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Chevette. Think Chevy's answer to the Ford Pinto. You can check under the carpeting back in the cargo area for an access hatch, but I wouldn't count on finding one. Jack up and properly support the car. Empty tank, support, remove hardware holding straps in place and lower slightly. Disconnect hoses and wires and slide tank out from under car. Replace sender and reverse the order. Most gas tank jobs are a lot easier with two people [or even three]. I wouldn't attempt it if not physically able. Better make sure you can get a sender first.

My wife had an '80 Chevette when we met; it crapped the tranny at 1500 [not a typo] miles due to a failed pump. We unloaded it not long after it was repaired under warranty. Owner of one of our regular client garages told his wife he bought her a "Vette" to replace the Beemer she had wrecked. You guessed it.....

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