Automatic Locks on Windstart some times works


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Unhappy Automatic Locks on Windstart some times works

I have a Ford Windstar 2000, and when I push the lock/unlock bottom some times it works and some times it doesn't. Some times the 2 front doors and the 2 slide doors unlock, and some other just one door doesn't work but the other 3. Looks like a random situation for the 4 doors. Any idea?
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Is it always the same door that sometimes doesn't unlock? or is it random? Just trying to determine if it might be a faulty door lock actuator (cause that's what it sounds like).
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It is random. Some times all the 4 doors work, and some times only one or two work.
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It could be a bad ground connection or the contacts, where the wire harness plug into the switch, need to be cleaned with electrical contact cleaner, both the switch and harness contacts.
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Exclamation hopefully helpful

i work for a glass company with a locksmith for a sister company. also i own a 96 windstar and experience the same thing. "the locksmith says" these doors are not built with the best intensions in other words they want actuators to bind and burn out unfortunatelly there seems to be no solution except minimize use of locks if location permits it(just what I do).bottom line they suck and just bind up if u are a do it ur selfer u can remove panels and lube arms with a grafite grease or even a white lithium based lube ZEP45 worked great for me i used the red grease. HOPE THIS HELPS sorry no better answer.
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By the way...most of those remote lock mechanisms work where if you press the unlock button once, only the driver's door unlocks. If you press it a second time, then the rest of the doors unlock. That's normal fuctioning. You might check to see if this is what is happening.

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