1992 F150 transmission question


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1992 F150 transmission question

I had a leak and was told it was my pump seal. I took it to a shop and they confirmed,but when they pulled the pan, they recommended I rebuild. The magnet inside pan had some slushy metal on it? what is too much metal? I dont think I have ever had transmission serviced. How can you tell by looking in pan to see if transmission is bad? Thanks
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When I pulled the pan on the wifes Intrepid, the magnet was covered with metal fuzz. I was told that this is the purpose of the magnet, to catch metal (especially chips). Since it was only fuzz, I cleaned the pan, installed a new filter and reinstalled the pan. No problems. If you had pieces of metal, I would worry. Good luck.
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Thanks for reply. I feel i did the right thing by only sealing it back up. There was no metal chips only like a slushy fuzz as you put it also.
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In the late 80's I was a mechanic for 6 years out of highschool. I did probably a couple hundred tranny service jobs and I'd bet 75%-80% had fuzz on the magnet. Some thicker than others yet was told by the owner and the lead mechanic that it was normal wear and as long as there were not bits or chunks it was ok.
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The rule of thumb I've heard is "more than a tablespoon full".

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