Failed Emissions


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Failed Emissions

I failed my emissions testing. HC and CO too high. So, cleaned the carb. with carb. cleaner, new air filter, new spark plugs and oil change. New O2 sensor. Failed again. The HC level was exacting the same as the first test and the CO was even higher. Could it be the gasoline? Last year I totally rebuilt my car, a 1989 Geo Spectrum. New engine, trans. radiator, computer, carb., exhaust manifold. The catalytic converter is the original one. Any thoughts?

Thank you.
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What state are you in? I never heard of a state doing emissions on a car that old? I wouldn't think that an 89 would meet the standards of todays cars.
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When they were doing the testing here in Cincy they went back 25 years. They have to test to what they were manufactured for not what new cars test at.

Does your area give you a waiver after you have spent so much money to correct it and it still fails ?
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I am in GA and and they go back 25 years. The money I spent last year on my car had nothing to do with passing emissions testing. Just an old car in need of a new life. Thought since everything was new, there would be no problem this year.

Thank you.
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would suspect either a carb problem or the catylitic convertor.
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had a 97 chevy truck that would not pass the other day. The catalytic converter was replaced and all is well. 250 bones sometimes I think the auto manufacturers should have put in one of those little bill things like on your coke/candy machines of course set up to take hundred dollar bills that way a man can just continuously throw his money away AT HIS OWN DISCRETION not by government mandate
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Just a suggestion, go to your local hardware store, HD, Lowes, whatever and buy 1 gallon of denatured alcohol about $10-$12, when you are ready to retake the test make sure you have at least 1/4-1/2 tank of gas, now pour the alcohol in your gas tank, now drive at least 50 miles on the highway and then go straight to the emissions station and don't shut off the engine until they tell you to. The alcohol burns hot enough and clean enough to clean up most exhaust unless the cat is totally shot. Have a nice day. Geo

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