98 Stratus 3rd Fuel Pump Replaced in 6 days


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Question 98 Stratus 3rd Fuel Pump Replaced in 6 days

98 Dodge Stratus 2.4L 155K miles Auto transmission:

Early on, I had a problem with my fuel gauge not registering properly, mech told me to continue to drive it, instead of paying the 175 to fix it, which I did. 2500 miles later One fine day got in drove car 70 miles, parked it for 2 hours... would not start. Had all power, would crank but would not fire. I had it towed, and mech replaced the fuel pump and put in new filter. Drove car for two days, short distances, ran better than ever. On the second day I drove it 70 miles, stopped for fuel, got onto the interstate and the car stalled out at 70. Still had all power... seemed as though no fuel was getting to the engine. Towed it ($$$$) back to shop... then the car started fine. Mech drove it for two days, with instruments... no data no problems. I picked up the car and it seemed a little off... was missing slightly at about 45. Once (and only once) at 40mph I accelerated, trying to get it to act up and the tac showed 5rpm, but I got no rapid acceleration, it was slight, this only lasted a few seconds. Drove it for another 17 miles at 45-60, then as I approached a hill at 60mph, I accelerated... the car sputtered, and died at the bottom of the hill. 15 minutes later, car starts again. Towed it back to the shop anyway, (didn't trust it). Wouldn't you know it - starts up fine. But then the problem became mroe frequent over the next day - mech gets stranded himself twice in it. Figures he installed faulty replacement pump, puts in ANOTHER fuel pump. NOW Car is doing the exact same thing. Two days later, when it gets hot, wants to die, it is like it is not getting any fuel. Seems to be geeting wrse, as it will now stall even while idling once its hot. This time codes showed up (first time) Cylinder misfire, Low Fuel Pressure and Fuel Circuit Relay showed up on his instrumentation. There was other info which I do not have, s I was reading over his shoulder. Mech has ordered a sensor, ( I do not know which one) and is supposed to install it today, but both he and I are not feeling very good at this point. Can you tell me what could be shorting the fuel pump? Or causing this problem. No one else seems to be able to help me and my 11 year old daughter and I have to drive it across country next week.

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Driving it across country I wouldn't do. After repairs are made I would give it 2-3 weeks of everyday city/hwy driving before venturing across country. Just to make sure the repairs were correct. One of the things I was going to suggest is to check what controls the fuel pump. Too often fuel pumps are changed without properly checking the circuit that controls the fuel pump. (relays, grounds, power, etc) You memtioned a code for a Fuel Curcuit Relay, that would be my #1 route to trouble shoot.
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Originally Posted by CandiMan
Driving it across country I wouldn't do. After repairs are made I would give it 2-3 weeks of everyday city/hwy driving before venturing across country.
I second that. It's way too hot to risk getting stranded somewhere. Rent a car from a national chain if at all possible. Peace of mind is worth a lot.
It would also be a good time to leave your car with the mechanic if you wanted.

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