compare shocks for me please (Automobile shocks)


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compare shocks for me please (Automobile shocks)

which are better monroe or gabriel of egual value? should i keep the same kind of shocks as stuts on the rear of my van as on the front? i have new monroe struts on front. my rear shocks need replaced.
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IMHO either one will do the job and it won't matter if they're "mixed" or not.
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Personalyy I don;t think it makes too much difference if they are mixed front to rear but I still tend to stay with them the same brand.

Different brands do have some different ride characteristics and I tend to like to match them so the front anf the rear will react similarly.

The thing is though that unless you replace all four corners at the same time, it really doesn;t make much difference because a new shock will ride a bit different that an older one anyway.

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