'90 Honda Accord ignition system' Relay or Switch?


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'90 Honda Accord ignition system' Relay or Switch?

The car in question decided not to start today. After checking the obvious factors and fiddling about with it I've found that when the ignition is manually held at position III the engine will run continuosly, however when you let the key rest at its running position(II) the engine immediately cuts off. I'm no mechanic but my logical reasoning leads me to believe that there's something wrong in the ignition that's preventing me from running this vehicle. My main question is "Does this sound as though it is a problem with the ignition switch or a relay or something else?".
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I'm suspecting the ignition switch is worn (the electrical part of the switch) I don't know if the switch is sold in 2 parts or complete with cylinder key...

do you have difficulty to turn the key? or do you have to very hard to start the car?

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