Caprice Window Switch Acting Strange....


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Smile Caprice Window Switch Acting Strange....

Hello, Here is what happened to me today, I was charging my Air Conditioner on my 95 Chevy Caprice with Success. I then hit the drivers side switch to roll up my drivers side window. I then noticed smoke coming from the Drivers Side Master Switch console. I then smelled a little electrical burn Smell... I thought it might be a burnt out switch.. But Later when I got back in the car, The switch worked and after a few minutes, The switch failed again..

My first question is did the A/C have anything to do with the switch failure or was it coinsidence?

Second question is, Why does the switch work occasionally?
Or maybe it is on its way out..

I thank you for your help in this matter..

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I seriously doubt one had to do with the other...just bad luck. I would agree that you are probably correct in assuming the switch is going bad. You can actually remove the switch from the door and disassemble it to inspect the may see where one of them it burnt up or looks melted to confirm your diagnosis.

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