95 Ford Taurus GL coolant


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95 Ford Taurus GL coolant

How to drain the water/coolant out before adding new and where do I find it?
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Somewhere along the bottom edge of the radiator you should find a drain. They are normally opened by simply turning the valve to open. You should catch the old and take it somewhere for disposal; it is toxic to animals.
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Do I have to do it in a certain way or time because Ive had ppl tell me if I put coolant in the after I drove it it could blow the hot coolant back up...So is there?
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If you are talking about changing out your coolant as part of regular maintenance, then wait until the vehicle is cool. Drain the coolant out and then refill with a 50/50 mix of coolant and water. Fill it up until it's at the top of the radiator and then start your vehicle. Wait until you vehicle warms up to normal operating temperature, top off the coolant, and then replace the radiator cap.

If you are talking about putting more coolant in because your vehicle overheated and you lost some coolant when it boiled over...then wait until the vehicle cools and pour a 50/50 mix of coolant and water in the radiator to replace what you lost. Then find a repair shop that can do a pressure test on your coolant system and find out why your vehicle is overheating.

NEVER, take the radiator cap off of a vehicle that is overheating...you can get seriously burnt. Wait until it cools off (30 mins. to a hour).

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