Help with 86 Chevy Celebrity


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Help with 86 Chevy Celebrity

I'm working with a 86 Chevy Celebrity. We're trying to remove the large metal piece that the accessory drive belt pulleys are mounted to. We've got most of them off, but the one that's the farthest down, we can't get off. We've already removed the bolt and large washer that holds it, but we still can't get it off. I was thinking that there must be some sort of clip that holds it on. Any help on this would be very appreiciated. Thanks.
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How far down is down, and does the thing-a-ma-jig have a name?
If it's the crankshaft pulley, you will need a puller. There are usually pulleys on the alternator, power steering pump, air conditioner, water pump, and an idler or tension pulley.

Also, is this a V6 or a four cylinder engine?
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The pulley I'm talking about is below the tension pulley, and a little to the right. The engine is a V6. I've removed the power steering, the water pump and the tension pulley. The pulley I'm talking about is the lowest that the accessory drive belt runs on. Thanks for the reply.
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Unknown metal part..

I'm going to assume you're talking about removing the timing cover..As Goldstar suggested, I agree, you're talking about the harmonic balancer/crank shaft pully.. It does require a puller that usually can be rented from AutoZone.. If you are removing the timing cover (once the hamonic balancer is removed) be aware most engines run bolts up from the bottom though the oil pan, and into the timing cover, and these will have to be removed also..(usually 4 or 5 bolts removed from the front area of the oil pan) if you don't either 1- it won't come off, 2 you'll be looking for a new timing cover and possible an oil pan..

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