Oily film on inside windshield


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Oily film on inside windshield

I have a 95 Honda Civic. I have a constant oily film on the inside of my windshield. You wipe it away and it comes right back. It is always there - you can wipe and wipe and wipe and it comes back within seconds. Any ideas. Thanks.
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Sounds to me like a leaking heater core, check your radiator to see if your fluid is down some, the oilyness would be from the antifreeze in your system, however minute the leak when you turn on the a/c or defroster, the moisture is removed from the interior of your car leaving the antifreeze residue. A simple fix would be to go to your local auto parts store and buy a tube of alum-a-seal(not a look alike or same as), dump it in your radiator(not the overflow cannister) and the problem goes away. It is an amazing product. Have a nice day. Geo
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You can usually smell coolant if it's the heater core. Also, if it is, the leak will eventually get worse. My wife's car is like that where no matter how often I clean the glass, it's always dirty when I drive it again. I just clean it often - easy thing to do is keep some glass cleaning wipes in the car and do it while parked facing into the sun.
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Do you use Armor-All on the dashboard? I've noticed that when I do, the sun coming through the windshield heats up the dash and the oiliness happens on the windshield. I think some chemical in the armor-all is condensing.

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Could maybe be that you're not actually getting whatever is on the windshield off. You might try some different cleaning products to see if it gets any better. This is about the best stuff I've found, you can find it just about everywhere:

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just a tid bit, ex-smoker, if you smoke or any one else that rides in the car smokes, the smoke will leave a residue on the windows.
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95 Honda Civic.

It deffinitely sounds like a bad heater core.
1. Check for wet caret under the glove box.
2. check the coolant level and monitor the see if you are loosing coolant

If either of these condions are positive, you need to change the to check hose connection at the core under the dash. If they are no leaking then relace the core..

Good luck!

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