what is injecter pulse? 92camero305,tbi injection


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what is injecter pulse? 92camero305,tbi injection

Hi, my RS Camero has been parked for 2 years & It was running when I parked it, now when I try to start the engine it will only stay running if I pour gas down the throut,on my last thread you told me to check the fuel pump pressure or the injecter pulse. Can you tell me what the injecter pulse is? I have never heard of this,also how do you check it?
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Injector pulse

Basically speaking.. There are 2 wires on each injector. One applies voltage, the other is a ground. The car's computer turns the injector on and off many times a minute. Each time it's turned on, then off, it's 1 electrical pulse. There is a special tool called a noid light, that can be plugged into the injector connector (after you've unplugged it from the injector) You plug the light into the harness, and attempt to start the car (please make sure the light and harnes are clear of any moving items, and away from the throttle body). If the light rapidly turns on and off, while you are cranking, you have injector pulse. If the light doesn't light, then you've (obviously) got an electrical issue.
I know tool trucks such as Matco, Snap-on, Mac all carry noid light sets.. Whether AutoZone has them for rent, I have no idea.. Just for added info, there are a couple different styles/sizes to fit different makes and models.. ie, a noid light for a chevy won't plug into a ford injector connector....

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