1997 GMC 1500 Truck Inside Door Panel


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1997 GMC 1500 Truck Inside Door Panel

1997 GMC 1500 Truck.
Can someone give me instruction on how to remove the inside drivers door panel? The door has power windows, door locks and mirror. Theinside door handle has come loose inside the door and I can only open the door from the outside.
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like most interior door panels it is mainly held in place with plastic push in type plastic retainers. With a flat blade putty pry the bottom front loose then simply work your way around once all the plastic pins are loose and screw are out it lifts up slighty and comes right off. There are a couple of spots where a mechanical screw fastener are used one at the top front underneath that little pop out cover and one at the door handle then one or two on the door pull. Note: be careful with the electrical plugs to the power door locks and mirrors they are very hard to unplug since there is not a lot of slack typically to get the panel out far enough to access them. That indoor handle failure is real common the handle is built pretty flimsy. Once the panel is off replacement is pretty much self explanatory just be sure you have a extendable magnet so you can get the fasteners out of the bottom inside of the door when you drop them LOL

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