Rust in gast tank?


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Question Rust in gast tank?

We have a 1994 Tarus GL with a problem. The car will suddenly start *puttering*, we lose the a/c, and then the car dies and when trying to restart it will just putter as if it isn't getting gas. The 1st time this happened was about 6 months ago and a friend told us to replace the fuel filter. The car ran fine until recently when it did the same thing and once we replaced the filter it ran for at least a few hundred miles (got us from Ohio to Missouri) but it is now doing the same thing again. We have been told this sounds like rust in the tank and that we should either seal it or replace the tank. We've found a good price on a new tank but I'm wondering if there is a good way to verify this is the problem before we put the $ into the parts.
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Sounds like rust to me.What did the dirty filter look like as to the new.You could try adding some fuel injector cleaner and see If that helps.If theres rust it could have gotten into the injectors.

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tank is on the new side of life to be that rusty

a plugged filter will show up as a problem at speed first not at idle, since less gas is required at idle. It should restart but maybe not go. Does it idle ok? Is it a sudden onset problem that presists once you notice it? ... or does it go away and then come back? Can you hear the pump running normally?

When it won't restart turn the key to run and listen for the pump to run for about 2 seconds don't turn the key to start. Did you hear it? If no, rust is not the primary problem.
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take it apart

Take old filter apart and see what is plugging it up might use a magnification glass to help see.Any rust flakes?

Might want to use a large pipe cutter to open it up.

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It would be unusual for a tank to rust on a vehichle that is driven regularly. I would suspect trash in the tank. Often it isn't picked up until the tank is near empty. You might want to remove the tank [when close to empty] Sloshing a little fuel around and pouring it out may be all it needs to clean it.
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Originally Posted by michael van
Take old filter apart and see what is plugging it up might use a magnification glass to help see.Any rust flakes?

Might want to use a large pipe cutter to open it up.
Or you could carefully [you're dealing with gasoline] blow backwards through the filter to see what spews back out. Use a piece of hose or other method to avoid contact with your mouth. Just be careful where you aim it. You can also check it this way in the proper flow direction to see if it is restricted.
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I agree we need a good diagnosis. Do what others suggested above. A filthy fuel filter after only six months would surely point to contaminants in the system.

Your pattern of problems does point to contaminants in the fuel system.

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