Power Steering Pump


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Power Steering Pump

I have a 2001 Hyundai XG300 with 32K miles. I hear a whinning sound when I accelerate and the dealer tells me that it's the power steering pump. They tell me that the pump went because the fluid broke down. The pump is under warranty but I have to pay $99.00 to flush & replace the fluid. What do you think? I checked the fluid and it is a dark brown. Is all power steering fluid red when it is good? Thanks for your help.
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Is there a recommended interval for replacing the fluid? Don't think I have ever seen it in any maintenance schedules. Have also never heard of the power steering fluid "breaking down" on a vehicle with 32k miles on it. The fluid is likely off-color due to the pump failure, not the other way around. Any related work to the failure should be covered. I think they're trying to cover their losses with a little mining in your wallet. You may have to go over the head of the local dealer.
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ditto with what towguy said, pump should last way longer than 32k mi.
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An easy way to tell whether or not it's the pump would be to remove the power steering belt and then drive the vehicle. If the whining is still there it's not the pump and you need to start looking elsewhere. WARNING: You will not have power steering when you drive the vehicle with the belt off so be careful. If you were born before 1970 you'll probably remember driving cars that didn't even have power steering and you'll soon get that nostalgic feeling.

I concur with the above opinions that the dealership is trying to mitigate their losses with that flush. It should be covered as part of the repair...power steering fluid doesn't break down that fast. 99% of people NEVER replace their power steering fluid and never have problem #1 with the pump/rack/etc.

I really don't think the problem is with your pump anyway. If it was the pump it would whine just sitting still or if you were to turn the wheels back and forth. If it does it only when driving...I believe it's probably something different.

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