96 camry upper radiator hose leak, can I replace it myself?


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Question 96 camry upper radiator hose leak, can I replace it myself?

I just found the leak yesterday. The engine is NOT overheating.

I bought the replacement hose from a local auto store. I am planning to remove the old one and put the new one in tonight.

My fear is that the antifreeze is poison. What is the right procedure of replace this upper hose? Do I need to drain the coolant, and back flush (I have never done it myself)? How could the air get out of the system? Anything I need to seal the connection points other than the clips? Since the upper hose is waer out, should I also replace the lower hose?

Thanks in advance.
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1. The antifreeze is toxic to animals who are attracted by its sweet taste. Best way is to catch and dispose of through a recycler. If the coolant is fairly fresh you can reuse it, otherwise put in new.
2. Yes, do the bottom as well.
3. Don't worry about flushing.
4. Probably won't have an air problem just doing hoses.
5. The clips or hose clamps are all you need.
6. Make sure it is a hose leak and not the radiator itself. They are known to crack.
7. When you're done, warm it up with the cap off until the thermostat opens [upper hose gets hot and you'll see flow in the radiator]. Top off the coolant and immediately put cap on.

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