Power Streeing Pressure Hose


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Power Streeing Pressure Hose

I have a fluid leak in my power steering pressure hose. The car is a 92 Grand Prix 3.1. I donít need to change the pump just the pressure hose. The hose connects to the bottom of the reservoir with a clamp and I assume it goes to the driverís side wheel from there. I was just wondering how to take it off and reinstall a new one. Thanks
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would consider letting a shop replace it for you.
the return hose is clamped to the p/s pump resoiver the pressure hose is actually threaded into the p/s pump usually it is the pressure hose that is leaking it runs to down and along the rack and pinion and is threaded into the rack and pinion it can take awhile to change and may be a job you would rather have a shop do.
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I agree..the end threaded into the rack and pinion, can be a real bear to get to, even when you have a lift to put it on..And as the rack is aluminum, the fitting is usually harder metal.. doesn't take much to crossthread the rack, or over tighten it.. then it's BIG bucks...
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I too think you might be better off passing this one up. You're meager knowledge of the subject matter(as evidenced by your assumption that the power steering hose connected directly to the wheel) combined with the delicacy of the VERY EXPENSIVE rack and pinion steering gear, as msargent pointed out, form the recipe for a disaster that will end up costing you much more money than if you just took it to a qualified shop to begin with.
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Definitely a dangerous DIY project for the reasons mentioned above. I ruined the rack on the first ps hose job I had. Fortunately for me it was only a $125 remanufactured rack but some are much more expensive to replace. Oh, but then it took me an additional three hours to replace the rack!

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