93 Jeep Cheerokee Taillights


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93 Jeep Cheerokee Taillights

My backup lights on my Cheerokee are both out. The bulbs are good but there is no power going to the lights. The brake lights work, it's only the backup lights that are out, what should I look for? It's a 4L auto without 4WD if that makes a difference.
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Hi JCarpenter

Two thoughts come to mind on this. I would ask someone to stand behind me while I slowly ran the shifter through the gears up and down a copule of times. It may just be an adjustment thing. If not (most likely)the neutral safety switch mounted on the transmission (drivers side of the vehicle) with three wires coming out of a circular connector may be bad. It is easy to change and should only take 15 minutes total. It is a switch socket (1" 1/16 I think) unplug the connector, remove switch with socket. You may loose a little fluid and you need to make sure the thin washer is on the back of the replacement switch or just reuse the old one, this is actually a gasket. Then just plug in the connector and see if they light up.

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I don't see you mentioning fuses. Check them first. Then buy barrow or beg a cheap volt meter or make up a test light to see if voltage is arriving at the reverse switch, and whether or not it stops there. Start with the easy, before you get to the hard or buy parts you don't need.
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Hi Goldstar,

You are right, always check the fuses first, there is a sign in large red letters that hangs at both ends of my shop informing the techs to do exactly that.
When I look at the fuse chart for a 1993 Jeep Cherokee it list the fuse as #11- 15 amp (blue).
This fuse will control the ignition switch, back-up lamps, A/C relay coil, shift selector, speed control and the Auxiliary cooling fan relay coil.
If any of these other items are giving you trouble like the vehicle won't start then the fuse may be the problem.

JCarpenter please post back and let us know what you find.

Hope this helps,

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