Ignition switch


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Ignition switch

I have a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue with the ignition switch on the dashboard and lately it's been difficult to turn the key to start the car. It's been getting worse and now I can expect to tinker with it for a few minutes to get it to work. The key just won't turn; it's like it's locked or something. I'm guessing that the entire switch needs replacing. Is anyone familiar with this kind of problem and if so, is it the switch and is this something a DIY'er can fix?
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Key and Tumbler

It's been about a year since I've done a dash mounted key and tumber on a GM, but seems to me, there's a release built into the tumber, and the quickest easy way for me to access it, was to remove the center console trim, radio and A/C controls. I've got someone skinny arms and hands, so I was able to view the new tumber, see where the release was, then reach into the dash, and push the release on the old tumber, and it came out. I'll be honest and say the first 1 I did took me about 2 hours, simply to figure out the easiest way to access the tumber, without removing the enire dash..The next 1 I did, took me about 15-20 minutes total..
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Have you tried putting any lubricant into the lock cylinder and then working the key around?
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Yes, i tried graphite with no luck and also WD-40 with the same results. I also tried a spare key just to make sure it wasn't the key and it still does not work properly. I was also told by someone that it may be the tumbler but i'm not sure i know what that is. Is it similar to a cylinder lock on a house door?
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Similar, but different. House locks usually have round steel dowels inside the lock. each is a different length and they keep the lock from turning. The notches on the key align them so the lock will turn.

The one and only GM lock I took apart (nosey) used a series of flat rectangular plates with the centers cut out to allow the key to go in. Like the dowels, the key sets the final position to allow the lock to turn. They could be stuck, or just worn to the point where they do not lift to the right position to release the lock.

I would try msargent's advice on removing the lock and then see if a locksmith can get it back in working order.
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price a new one as well as that old one will be worn inside. FTR...the tumblers are inside of the lock cylinder. a new cylinder will come with new keys and everything.

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