Windshield wipers won't work


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Windshield wipers won't work

I have a 1993 Mazda Protege. I noticed that the windshield wipers were going out. At first I thought it was the switch. The wipers would only work every once in a while or when they felt like it. Well, it was broken. So, I simply put in a toggle switch. This worked fine for a couple days. Then, it got to the point to where when you turn the switch on it would take 1-2 minutes for the wipers to come on. Finally they stopped coming on at all.

I figured maybe it was the toggle switch. So, I connected the wires directly to test that theory. I would hear a click in the steering column (I'm not talking about the click of two electrical wires together). It still didnt' work. So, I bought a new wiper motor. Put that in and still didn't work.

I noticed that the fuse was burnt. Reason being is that whomever owned the car before me had a 40A instead of a 30A fuse. Bought a new fuse and put that in.

I am still back and square one. Wipers still wont work.

Any suggestions?
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You connected the wires directly to where? And from what source?
1 thing that does come to mind is a bad ground, rather than a bad power source...A bad ground can lead to higher resistance many electrical issues..
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There are three wires:

Blue (with a yellow stripe)
Blue (with a red stripe)

I connect the black and one of the blue wires together. I hear a clicking in the steering column but nothing happens. If it's a bad ground, how do I fix that?

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