1990 Cougar engine won't turn


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Thumbs down 1990 Cougar engine won't turn

Hi everyone. I have 1990 cougar 3.8 auto with some 170000 miles on it. Today it suddenly died. It sounds like it's really trying but it won't start. We changed the spark plugs, distributor cap is fine, wires are not bad. Also we changed the battery. It was running fine even today before deciding to quit. What should we do next and what do you think is wrong? We didn't have any simptoms prior to this. Fuses in the box seems ok.
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Hi there,

I have had problem`s like this with Ford`s in the past and I have found that in most cases it`s your starter selonid.
What you are looking for is a black electrical part usually mounted close to your battery it will have two thick wires going to it one will ne from the +(positive) side of your battery and the other will run down to your starter, there also should be two or three smaller wires going to this unit.
The way you can tell if in fact it is your starter selonid is when you turn your ign to start your car do you hear a clicking sound if you do that`s what it is.
These are cheap to buy and easy to replace, just rem two thing`s..
1) Take off the negitive side of your battery so that your car is dead, one should alway`s do this when working with electrical parts in/on a car.
2) Take the wires off of your old part one at a time and put them on your new one that way it will be wired right.
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I replaced the solenoid. It didn't make any difference. Still won't start. Should I check the coil or there's something else that I'm missing? How can I check that it's getting fuel?
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There is a fuel pressure test port near the intake manifold. It will have a cap over it and almost looks like a valve stem. In fact, it will have a schrader valve in there just like a valve stem. Ideally, you would hook up a fuel pressure test gauge but even without one you can push the valve in to see if gas comes out. BE CAREFUL and cover the valve with a shop rag if you do this. The fuel is under pressure.

You can also check to see if you're getting fuel by taking off the air intake tube at the throttle body and spraying carb cleaner in there while trying to start the vehicle. If it starts and runs then you're not getting any fuel (the carb cleaner is acting as the fuel).

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