Taurus shuts down while driving..


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Taurus shuts down while driving..

1999 Ford Taurus, 3.8 V6, 86k miles... vehicle starts fine, runs fine however on two occasions now it has just shut off, completely shuts down after approx 20 - 45mins of driving, will not start again, turns over but will not fire, just like it's not getting fuel... then after it sits for about 45 mins or so, it will fire right up. Any ideas what this could be??? No check engine light on, no dash warning lights at all. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
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Anyone have ANY ideas as to what this problem could be??????? In dire need of some assistance. Thanks....
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how hot is it outside

My dad had that problem in his 04 Taurus on a very hot day in California turned out to be vapor lock so he says,
Do you have any check engine lights?
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I would pull a spark plug wire when it's in the no-run condition to see if it's getting spark; that will either confirm or rule out ignition problems that are sometimes heat-related.
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can you hear the FP prime if you turn the key off and back to run, but not start?

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