AC troubleshooting


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AC troubleshooting

Hi if anyone can give me a hint of whats going on with my AC on a 89' Chevy s10 Blazer. I converted the R12 to 134a, recharged the system, the system is nice and full but blows out warm air. The compressor pulley is turning along with the clutch. Any advice??
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Yeah, I got some advice! How about giving us something to work with? Give us the low-side pressure, high-side pressure, outside temperature and vent temperature..........and that would be just for starters!

More specifically, what did you do in the process of retrofitting? Did you flush out the mineral oil and add ester? Did you change the accumulator/drier? Did you change the black o-rings with green ones? Did you check all the fittings and components for leaks? Did you pull a vacuum and charge into a vacuum? Did you change or adjust the cycle switch for R-134a?

Or; did you use a no name brand death kit? If you used the kit, STOP NOW! You'll end up doing more damage and costing you more money than if you would have taken it in to an A/C shop in the first place.
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